For HP DV2000 10.8V Laptop 8800mAh Battery

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Compatible with HP battery models:
(This is not a comprehensive list. Pls be free to contact us if you have any questions.)
411462-121 411462-141 411462-251 411462-261 411462-321 411462-421 411462-442 417066-001 432306-001 436281-141 436281-241 436281-251 436281-321 436281-361 436281-422 436281-442 436281-651 436281-661 440772-001 441243-141 441243-241 441243-361 441243-421 441243-441 441425-001441462-251 441611-001 446506-001 446507-001 452057-001 454931-001 455804-001 460143-001 462337-001 462853-001 EV088AA EX941AAHP010515-DK023R11 HP010515-P2T23R11 HP010615-S2T23R11 HSTNN-C17C HSTNN-DB31 HSTNN-DB32 HSTNN-DB42 HSTNN-DB46 HSTNN-IB31HSTNN-IB32HSTNN-IB42 HSTNN-IB46 HSTNN-LB31 HSTNN-LB311 HSTNN-LB42 HSTNN-OB31 HSTNN-OB42 HSTNN-Q21C HSTNN-Q33C HSTNN-W20CHSTNN-W34C HSTNN-XB31 HSTNN-XB32 NBP6A48A1

Compatible with HP Laptop models Models:( Ctrl + F for fast search ur laptop model)
COMPAQ Presario A900 Presario A900XX Presario A901XX Presario A902XX Presario A903TU Presario A903XX Presario A904TU Presario A905TU Presario A908TUPresario A909US Presario A910CA Presario A910EG Presario A910EM Presario A913CL Presario A915EF Presario A916NR Presario A918CAPresario A920EG Presario A920EN Presario A924CA Presario A925EF Presario A928CA Presario A930CA Presario A930XX Presario A931NR Presario A935EAPresario A935EG Presario A935EM Presario A935TU Presario A936CA Presario A936TU Presario A937TU Presario A938CA Presario A938TUPresario A939CA Presario A940CA Presario A940EG Presario A940NR Presario A944CA Presario A945EE Presario A945EM Presario A945US Presario A948CAPresario A949NR Presario A950EF Presario A950EM Presario A950EO Presario A960EF Presario A960EM Presario A961EM Presario A965EFPresario A966TU Presario A967TU Presario A968TU Presario A969TU Presario A970EF Presario A970EG Presario A970EM Presario A970TU Presario A971TUPresario A972TU Presario A975EM Presario C700 Presario C700EM Pre ario C700ET Presario C700LA Presario C700T Presario C700XX Presario C701LAPresario C701TU Presario C701XX Presario C702LA Presario C702TU Presario C703LA Presario C703TU Presario C704TU Presario C705LAPresario C705TU Presario C706TU Presario C707LA Presario C707TU Presario C708LA Presario C708TU Presario C709LA Presario C709TU Presario C710BRPresario C710ED Presario C710EE Presario C710EF Presario C710EL Presario C710EM Presario C710EN Presario C710TU Presario C711TU Presario C712TU Presario C713TU Presario C714NR Presario C714TU Presario C715TU Presario C716TU Presario C717NR Presario C717TU Presario C718TU Presario C719TU Presario C720BR Presario C720ES Presario C721TUPresario C722TU Presario C725BR Presario C727US Presario C730BR Presario C730EE Presario C730EL Presario C732EF Presario C732EMPresario C732ES Presario C732TU Presario C735ED Presario C737BR Presario C737TU Presario C740EE Presario C742EA Presario C742EM Presario C742ESPresario C745EL Presario C750EF Presario C750EL Presario C750EM Presario C55ES Presario C756ES Presario C757EA Presario C757EMPresario F500Presario F502EA Presario F502EU Presario F504EM Presario F504EU Presario F545EA Presario F545EU Presario F560EA Presario F560EMPresario F572US Presario F574AU Presario F575AU Presario F700 Presario F700EF Presario F700EM Presario F706LA Presario F710EE Presario F710EFPresario F710EL Presario F712NR Presario F715EF Presario F715EM Presario F715EO Presario F722CA Presario F725EL Presario F729EM Presario

Item specifics
2.Capacity: 8800mAh
3.Battery Type: Li-ion
5.Compatible Brand: For HP
6.Number of Cells:12-cells
7.Warranty: 1 Year
8.Country/Region of Manufacture: China
9.Replace OEM P/N: For HP DV2000

1.Li-Ion Laptop Battery 10.8V and 11.1V are in common use.
2.Li-Ion Laptop Battery 14.4V and 14.8V are in common use.

1.Intelligent program protection prevents from over charge
2.High quality replacement battery
3.Compatibility with the original
4.Lower Price than Original OEM Battery
5.No memory effect.

1. The battery must be FULLY charged before first use.
2. The battery is stored in a cool and dry place.
3. Do not Separation, extrusion, and impact.
4. Do not put battery into water and fire.
5. Keep away from children.
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