for Uniden BT905 Cordless Phone 2000 mAh 3.6V,Ni-MH Battery

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Compatible with Models:
RCA: BT-15
Sprint: 89326
Dantona BATT-14
Bell South: TL6154
Casio: BT-905 CP-1218 CP-1240
Southwestern Bell:S60505 560505
AT&T: 200 24032 250 4126 450 740 750
Again & Again: STB-114 STB-505 STB-961
GE: 25830GE3 26920GE1 26936GE2 26938 26939GE2 26992GE1 29445 BT-15 GE- TL26144 GE-TL26154 TL-96154
Panasonic:P-P501 P-P501A P-P501PA P-P504 P-P508 P-P508A P-P510 P- P510A PQP60AAF3G2 PQP85AA3A BATT-3AAB HHR-P505 HHR-P505A HHR-P505A/1B HHR-P505PA KX-9766XB
Uniden:AE-255 B1000 B300 B300A B900 BATT-3AAB BBTY-030001 BBTY-0444001 BBTY-0449001 BT-800 BP-800 BP-905 BT-905 CP- 355 CXAI5198 DXAI3288-2 DXAI5180 DXAI5186-2 DXAI5188-2 DXAI5588-2 DXAI7288-2 DXI3268-2 DXI3286 DXI386-2 DXI4286-2 DXI5186-2 DXI5586-2 DXI7286-2 DXI7286-2HS DXI986-2
Sony:BP-T18 BP-T24 SPP-933 SPP-934 SPP-977 SPP-A1050 SPP-A1070 SPP-A1075 SPP-A2480 SPP-A900 SPP-A9276 SPP-A9278 SPP-A946 SPP-A948 SPP-A957 SPP- A967 SPP-A968 SPP-D900 SPP-ER1 SPP-ER101 SPP-ID990

Compatible with the original attery part number:
BT-905 BT-800 BBTY0663001 BBTY-0444001 BBTY-0449001

Capacity: 2000 mAh
Voltage: 3.6V
Battery Type: Ni-MH
Warranty: 1 Year
Package Includes:3 x Battery

VANON products are CE, FCC and ROHS certified, tested by manufacturer to match OEM products;Built-in Protection against overcharging, over discharge, over current, provides short circuit protection and steady voltage circuit, all of these lengthen battery life;Come with a 30-day money back and a 12-month limited seller's guarantee against manufacturer defects from date of purchase, and 24 hours' friendly customer service!

1.Don’t disassemble
2.Don’t dispose of in fire
3.Don’t store in temperature over 60℃
4.Charge only with specified charger

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