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Subscribe Now Get a 6% Off | Free Shipping On Order Over $30

Vanon Dragon VP4 Plus Fast Charger Battery Doctor 4 bay With Usb Output

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• Test battery internal resistance and voltage
• Test battery real capacity
• Charge all popular Li-ion/Ni-MH batteries and 11.1V battery packs
• Optional 0.5A/1.0A/2.0A charge currents
• REFRESH Mode to eliminate memory effects
• USB output function
• Informative big LCD screen display
• Record function .

Compatible Batteries:
1. for 3.6V/3.7V Li-ion/ IMR/ INR/ ICR:
10440 14500 14650 16340 17335 17500 1767018350 18490 18500
18650 20700 21700 22650 25500 26650 32650
2. for Rechargeable Ni-MH/Ni-CD:
3. for Battery pack: 
11.1V/3S battery pack
Note: *Ni-MH symbol will flick max 10 minutes when charging Ni-MH battery due to 0V activation.
*Cannot charge protected 20700/21700 batteries.


Model VP4 Plus
Input DC 12.0V 3.0A
0.5A Constant Current 500土50mA
1.0A Constant Current 1000土80mA
2.0A Constant Current 2000土120mA
End of Charge Voltage 4.20士0.05V/ 1.45土0.1V
0.5A End of Charge Current ≤60mA
1.0A End of Charge Current ≤100mA
2.0A End of Charge Current ≤120mA
0.5A trickle charge current 50土10mA
1.0A trickle charge current 100士20mA
2.0A trickle charge current 200土20mA
Activation current 100mA
Automatic recharge voltage 3.90土0.15V
0V activation voltage range 0-2.0V 
Operating Temperature 4.80土0.20V
open-circuit voltage 0- 40°C
Size L158mm x W147mm x H4033mm
Net Weight 345g

Package Include:
1 x DRAGON VP4 Plus charger
1 x charger pouch
1 x 12V/3A  adapter
1 x 3A car adapter
a pair of probes
1 x manual