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Subscribe Now Get a 6% Off | Free Shipping On Order Over $30

About Us


Why did we start?

One day in 2017, Roger was driving the lawn mower to weed in the yard as usual, but the machine suddenly stopped working. Based on experience, he knew that the battery was broken, because he just bought it for $139 a few months ago. So he can only go to a retail store to buy a battery to complete his weeding work. He went to several shops, but the prices of original batteries are very expensive. He thought that if there is a cheap alternative battery to choose from, it would be great. A few months later, the Vanon brand was born.

After rapidly risen from 2017 to 2021, Vanon becomes a reputed professional manufacturer of high-quality rechargeable batteries and battery-related accessories.

We devoted ourselves to the wide range of power tool batteries and other digital batteries (Like camera batteries, vacuum batteries. UAV batteries etc.) to the worldwide. So far, We have equipped warehouses in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Australia to provide customers with the best shopping experience

Based on advanced technologies and the aim of satisfactory services, Vanon has always been constantly improving in performance of the products.

Who we are?

Vanon hopes to bring cost-effective batteries to all buyers who don't have brand premiums but need super high quality. We are committed to a wide range of power tool batteries and other digital batteries. We strive for advanced technology and satisfactory service to continuously improve the performance of our products.Currently we have our own warehouses in USA, UK, Australia, Japan and EU countries.
Our goal:
- High quality products

- Great customer service

- 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

How we evolved?

Launched in 2017 and sold in the US

Sales in Australia in 2017

Sales in Japan in 2018

Sales in UK and Europe in 2019

Our plan is to include more countries and share our products with the world.


Where are we going?

To provide various options of models as replacement for expensive and overpriced oem batteries.
We are confident that our product will be (some models already are ) good as name brand.

If you have any questions, contact us by email: