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For Hikoki(Hitachi) 18V Battery Replacement | BSL1860 BSL1830 6.5Ah Li-ion Battery 2 Pack

Original price $78.99 - Original price $78.99
Original price
$78.99 - $78.99
Current price $78.99

Replace P/N:

For Hitachi 33055, 330067, 330068, 330139, 329083, 329877, 329901, ,BSL1815X, BSL 1830, BSL1840, BSL1850, BSL1415, BSL1430, CJL8DSL

Compatible Models(This is not the full list,if you can't find your model on the list, please feel free to contact us):

For Hitachi 18V Cordless Drill Power Tool
For Hitachi C 18DSLP4, For Hitachi CJ 18DSLP4, For Hitachi CR 18DSAL
For Hitachi CR 18DSLP4, For Hitachi DV 18DSFL, For Hitachi C 14DSL
For Hitachi C 14DYSL, For Hitachi CD 14DSL, For Hitachi CG 14DSAL
For Hitachi CG 14DSL, For Hitachi CJ 14DSL, For Hitachi CL 14DSL
For Hitachi DS 14DSFL, For Hitachi DH 14DSL, For Hitachi DS 14DSL
For Hitachi DS 14DBL, For Hitachi DV 14DBL, For Hitachi DV 14DSL
For Hitachi FWH 14DSL, For Hitachi G 14DSL, For Hitachi NP 14DSL
For Hitachi R 14DSL, For Hitachi RB 14DSL, For Hitachi UB 18DAL
For Hitachi UB 18DSL, For Hitachi WH 14DBDL, For Hitachi WH 14DSL
For Hitachi WR 14DBAL, For Hitachi WR 14DBDL, For Hitachi WH 14DBL
For Hitachi WR 14DSL, For Hitachi WR 14DBAL

Package included:

2 x 18V 6.5Ah Battery for Hitachi 18V Power Tools
2 x User Manual

Item specifics:

1.Voltage: 18V
2.Capacity: 6500mAh
3.Battery Type: Li-ion
4.Color: White&Black 
5.Compatible Brand: For Hitachi
6.Package: carton
7.Warranty: 1 Year
8.Replace OEM P/N: For Hitachi BSL1830


1.Intelligent program protection prevents from overcharge
2.High-quality replacement battery
3.Compatibility with the original
4.Lower Price than Original OEM Battery
5.No memory effect.


1.The battery must be fully charged before first use.
2.The battery is stored in a cool and dry place.
3.Do not Separation, extrusion, and impact.
4.Do not put the battery into water and fire.
5.Keep away from children.

About VANON:

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