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For Bosch Quick Charger AL1820CV 14.4V-18V 3A Li-Ion 2607225424 BAT607 BAT609

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$23.99 - $23.99
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Input: 110-260V
Output: 14.4V - 18V, 3A
Suitable for all BOSCH 14.4V / 18V Li-ion batteries

Compatible charger P / N:
BOSCH 2 607 336 091, 2 607 336 092, 2 607336 169, 2 607 336 170, 2 607 336 236, BAT609, BAT609G, BAT618, BAT618G battery charger.

Battery model mount:
17618,17618-01,24618-01,25618,25618-01,25618-02,26618,26618-01,3601H61S10,36618 02, 37618, 37618-01

CCS180B, CCS180K, CFL180, CFL180B CRS180, CRS180B, CRS180K, DDS180-01, DDS180-03, DGSH181, FHN180, HDS180-03 HTH181-01,

HTH182-01, IWH181-01, IWHT180-01, IWHT181-01, JSH180-01, PB360S, RHH180-01, RHS181-01 GBH 18V-LI, GBH 18 VH, GCB 18V-LI,

➤Wide compatible: Compatible with Bosch Slim Pack and Fat Pack 14.4V 18V BAT609 BAT609GBAT618 BAT618G BAT614 2607336236 Li-Ion battery.Replace Bosch BC660 BC1880 BC630 1018K charger.
➤ Universal fast charger: universal 100V to 240V input, 14.4V to 18V 3A output. It can charge lithium batteries lightning fast and efficiently, saving downtime. After plugging into the wall outlet, the battery will charge in 45 minutes or less.
➤ Intelligent charging protection: The Bosch replacement battery charger features a BSP smart IC protection system that protects your battery from overheating, overcurrent, overload, overcharge and short circuit to ensure a longer.
➤ Unique cooling system: The charger adopts unique all-round heat dissipation design and is made of high temperature resistant fireproof material.
➤Smart LED Indicators: With the LED indicator, you could easily know when the batteries were fully charged.

Package includes:
1x charger for Bosch 14.4V / 18V lithium batteries.