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WA3742 20V Lithium Battery Charger Replacement for Worx Battery Charger 20V WA3732 WA3875 WA3881 Worx 18V and 20V Power Share Battery WA3520 WA3525 WA3578 WA3575 WA3512.1 WA3522 WA3544

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Compatible with Worx Battery ITEM:
Compatible with Worx 18V 20V MAX Lithium Ion Battery WA3578 WA3520, WA3525, WA3512, WA3512.1, WA3522, WA3544, WA3575.

Compatible with Worx Charger ITEM:
Compatible with Worx 18V 20V Lithium Battery Charger WA3732, WA3742, WA3875, WA3881, WA3847, WA3868, WA3835, WA3764.

Compatible with Worx Power Tools ITEM:
1. Compatible with Worx 40V Cordless Tools (40v power using two 20v power share modules)
2. Compatible with Worx 20V Cordless Tools

Product Details:
Product Type: Replacement for Worx 20v lithium charger
Model Number: WA3742
Input: 100-240V
Output: 18-20V
Current: 0.4A
Working frequency: 50-60 Hz
Color: Black
Exclude: Battery is not included

What's in the Box:
1 Pack * 20 Volt Battery Charger WA3742 Compatible with Worx 20-Volt Cordless Power Tools Lithium Battery